Joshua Joyce is a villain-turned-protagonist? in the 2014 Michael Bay film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. He is played by Stanley Tucci.


  • Is literally nothing but a Steve Jobs parody
  • Has no point in the movie other than being an exposition fairy of absurd proportions
  • Is secretly in cahoots with Harold Attinger so that he can have a monopoly on a new metal element
  • Calls this metal they use to build the new robots "Transformium" because a guy this pretentious would certainly come up with such a creative name for a new element...
  • Builds an armada of new Transformers that don't really transform, but instead just kind of break apart and reform while hovering somehow
  • Says they can program Transforumium into whatever they want, but he appears to somehow have telepathic control over it
  • Despite this, Megatron's head infects the new Transformers and become his slave robots, with him now in the guise of Galvatron
  • Does a face turn after Cade, who somehow had this guy's personal cell phone number, tells him Galvatron is in control of himself
  • Runs all over China while being chased by Attinger and Savoy
  • Really doesn't do anything noteworthy after his American laboratory is destroyed
  • No, seriously, after he expositions for about the 37th time about his backstory (this time to Su Yueming), he never does anything else that makes a difference to the "plot"
  • Should probably have served a prison sentence of eleventy billion years after Lockdown is destroyed, based on all the illegal and treasonous shit he did

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