Johnny is the main character and protagonist? of the 2003 Tommy Wiseau film, The Room. He also happens to be played by Wiseau.


  • Is betrothed to Lisa, who betrays him
  • His best friend, Mark, betrays him by sleeping with his wife
  • Everyone else in the movie with the exception of Denny (who is a complete idiot) knows that Lisa and Mark are fucking around and they don't bother to tell him
  • In other news, has possibly the shittiest collection of friends ever
  • Easily mistaken for Eddie Vedder
  • Suggested to the bank at which he works that they should build a big metal room to store their money instead of keeping it all in bags with "$" signs all over them
  • Is a legend in the Eastern European Football League
  • Is the flower shop owner's favorite customer
  • Was torn apart by Lisa
  • Has never even seen a chicken
  • Blows his brains out
  • Despite this, Denny tries to get him to wake up

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