is a character in the 2009 film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  He is voiced by Mark Ryan.


  • One of the most obvious exposition fairies in all of cinema
  • Has a beard and uses a walking cane, which means that Cybertronians age somehow...
  • Is almost completely decrepit, but when his rusty, broken down parts are added to Optimus Prime, Prime becomes the Super Megazord, apparently.  Speaking of which...
  • Kills himself so that Optimus can use his body to become super-powerful
  • Can teleport somehow, despite no other robot having this ability
  • How this process works...why Jetfire randomly feels the need to hara-kiri Optimus would be able to just attach himself to these parts when they are two completely different robots...why they make Optimus more powerful...and why Optimus just tosses these parts away like garbage when they were instrumental in killing The Fallen is all never explained
  • Is not quite as unhelpful as Snow Fairy or Sister Willow, but is still up there on the list

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