Jasper Hale (a.k.a. Jasper Cullen) is a protagonist? in the 2008 film, Twilight, as well as its four sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn I & II. He is played by Jackson Rathbone.


  • Manages to show even less emotion than he did when he played Sokka in The Last Airbender
  • Desperately wants to be Harpo Marx
  • Does absolutely nothing in the first movie
  • Does try to eat Bella in the second movie (due to her paper-cutting herself), so that's an improvement
  • This is confusing, though, since he was in the presence of much more of Bella's blood in the first movie and he didn't even bat an eye at that point
  • Also, he's been a vampire for like 150 years and he still can't control himself?
  • Can apparently control a person's mood
  • Actually kinda cool in the third one, despite not being able to keep a Texan accent
  • Was apparently turned in post Civil War America, and fought for the South

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