James Witherdale is the main villain of the 2008 film, Twilight. He is played by Cam Gigandet.


  • We say "main villain" even though he is only in four total scenes, and doesn't encounter the protagonists? until over an hour and 20 minutes into the movie
  • Looks like Heath Slater
  • Wanted to kill Bella Swan and drink her blood, which, frankly, we were rooting for with every once of our collective being
  • Does manage to bite her and break her leg, but Edward unfortunately saves her
  • Gets set ablaze in about seven seconds in the middle of a dance floor by the Cullen family, despite there never being anything shown in the Cullens' possession that could cause a raging inferno so quickly
  • Also, this happens in the background because clearly you don't want to see this prick get set on fire--you want to see Bella going cross-eyed while Carlisle and Edward argue about vampire protocol
  • May or may not have been James' poorly thought out secret plan to infiltrate the Twilight universe and kill Bella

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