Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon is a recurring character in the Burton/Schumacher-era live-action Batman films. In all four films, he is played by Pat Hingle. He is one of only two characters (the other being Alfred Pennyworth) that appears in all four films while being played by the same actor.


  • Despite being one of the best characters in the Batman mythos, in these films, is reduced to an incompetent and wholly useless dolt
  • Besides Clancy Wiggum, is just about the most ineffectual police chief ever
  • Basically does everything except actual police work
  • Knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Max Eckhardt is on the take, but apparently can't do anything about it, despite being the CHIEF OF POLICE
  • Has to call Batman to stop a street gang
  • Holds up vital evidence implicating Batman of a murder on live television while saying that they don't want to jump to conclusions
  • Sees a video of a guy leaping to his grisly doom, but only declares it a suicide when he reads a crappy forged suicide note
  • Doesn't arrest a woman who breaks into Police HQ and turns the Bat-Signal on
  • Holds diamonds up at a charity event
  • Attends a telescope unveiling
  • Gets seduced by Poison Ivy at the telescope unveiling into giving her the keys to the roof of Police HQ

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