Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a professional wrestler with a history of poor decision making. He is, amazingly, still alive.


  • If you're playing 21, he's got 22
  • He's got more than one Blackjack...whatever the hell that means
  • He's got too many aces and 8's, too
  • You DO NOT gamble with him
  • You should worry about the DDT
  • Has probably had sex with an inanimate object at some point in his life
  • Uses a python as a phallic object
  • Was so drunk/strung out during the Heroes of Wrestling PPV that the show organizers had to, on the fly, combine his match (against Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart) with the main event match (King Kong Bundy vs. Yokozuna) into a slapdash tag team match
  • It went about as well as you'd expect
  • After the referee pleaded with Roberts to stop and let Bundy pin him, Bundy had to actually put all of his body weight onto him to keep him from kicking out and continuing to embarrass himself in front of everyone
  • Unfortunately, it didn't work because after the match was mercifully finished, Roberts started to strip in the middle of the ring, which caused the show's crew to abruptly cut the show's feed

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