Bayside High

An Average Day at High School High

High School High
is the term given to any generic, cliched high school in a Tiradesverse movie. Whether or not the high school's actual name is given is completely irrelevant, as any high school deemed worthy of falling under the umbrella of this trope will do literally nothing to distinguish itself from any other high school you can find anywhere. You will commonly see Guy Banter-style bullies, nerdy shrimpy kids, teachers who are completely oblivious to what is going on in their classrooms, and jocks wearing letterman's jackets, as well as dozens of other prototypical, banal characters and settings in such schools.

The curriculum at any High School High is laughable at best. Often the courses feature such "advanced" topics as Solar Eclipses and Show-and-tell. Classes only occur when the plot calls for it and only when it clumsily pushes the plot forward. Obviously, the entire school is subsidized by the Exposition Network. If the students graduate, they eventually end up at College University.

This is essentially the New Santroitcagobergville trope of high school settings.

Examples in the TiradesverseEdit

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