Heather TCM

Heather is a protagonist? in the 1994 film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. She is played by Lisa Marie Newmyer.


  • Is clearly in a heated contest with Barry to see who can be the most annoying character in the movie
  • It ends in a draw
  • Thinks it would be really cool to be killed in a horrific car crash
  • Is also fascinated to an absurd degree with the possibility of being murdered by a serial killer, but when she is actually chased around and captured by serial killers, she is scared out of her gourd
  • Is apparently the goddamned Highlander considering that she gets thrown into a freezer; impaled in the back by, and hanged on, a meat-hook; and has part of her face chewed off by Vilmer...but doesn't actually die until he steps on her head and crushes it
  • The very rare case of a female Guy Banter

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