Chief Harold Tanner
is a protagonist? in the 2005 film, The Crow: Wicked Prayer.  He is played by Danny Trejo.


  • Yes, his name is Harold Tanner--even though he has a daughter named Lilly Ignites the Dawn
  • Is supposed to be a Native American, but is played by a Californian of Mexican descent...with an Hispanic woman tattooed on his chest
  • Does a rain dance to revive a bird
  • No, that makes no sense
  • Yes, that is incredibly offensive to American Indians
  • Just allows the bitch who murdered his daughter and her Satanic boyfriend to walk away instead of shooting them when they were at point blank range
  • Does, however, intend to blow Lola's brains out at the end, but his dumbass son stops him from doing so, just so she can be put under arrest

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