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A dramatization.

Guy Banter
is a catch-all term for the worst that the male gender has to offer. He is a promiscuous, vain douchebag that prides himself on his ability to flex in the mirror and pluck his eyebrows at the same time.

His stupid face is often framed with an equally stupid grin and he knows just enough about playing acoustic guitar to impress a girl that doesn't know how a guitar works.

He's most likely trying to steal your girlfriend right now.

He probably screams his own name during sex.

He believes himself to be a lovable rogue on the level of Han Solo.

The source of all his power is the Palm Pilot.

He refers to a Scotch on the rocks as a "Sco-Ro" and drinks kombucha.

He is Damien's arch-nemesis.

(This term is also used to classify any characters fitting the above description in Tiradesverse movies.)

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