Gossip Gerty

Gossip Gerty is a character in 1995 film, Batman Forever and in the 1997 film, Batman and Robin. She is played by Elizabeth Sanders, the wife of Batman "creator", Bob Kane.


  • Only exists to dump exposition and establish scenes
  • Worse than recurring James Bond "comedy" relief, J.W. Pepper
  • Fully acknowledges the uselessness of the Gotham City Police in saying that Batman and Robin protect the city in front of a cop
  • Overacts in every scene
  • One of Gotham City's biggest celebrities. That is all fucktons of sad there.
  • Her job as a gossip reporter has her reporting at a planetarium
  • Also may or may not have appeared in Batman Returns
  • Her very name causes friend of the show, Ian Wilson, to break out in hives

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