Fun with Ahmed trillogy 1, 2 , 301:05

Fun with Ahmed trillogy 1, 2 , 3

Ain't nuffin between us but air and a toothy boy

Fun with Ahmed
is a series of YouTube videos that shows wrestling promos from former 1990's WWF wrestler, Ahmed Johnson, along with subtitles that spell out what it sounds like he's blurting out.

It is believed, through careful study of these videos, that Johnson is an alien from a planet called Urf that has a real bad moon eclipsing it, and his real name is "The Sand Rippa". Apparently, he is here to save us from the deadly aliens called the Punchies. And he highly recommends that we eat wonton and beef stew. Also a philosopher, he says there is nothing between each of us but air and a toothy boy.

He also believes that juice makes sugar.

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