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Final Destinaton 5 is a 2011 supernatural horror film, and is, to date, the latest installment in the popular Final Destination franchise. It was the subject of James' most recent written Tirades.


As with every FD movie, a person has a premonition of some colossal display of disaster and death, and he panics, gets himself and a smattering of other people off of, or away from, the scene of the disaster (this time a suspension bridge). Then, for the rest of the movie, he and the other survivors must evade Death itself, who is not happy that they avoided what was supposed to be their grisly demise.


The reviewEdit

Having seen all of the FD movies, James basically ran out of steam and could barely review this one because the writers seemed to be trying to do two things at once that don't mesh--mindless gore and serious continuity. It was like Batman and Robin where they tried to have a serious superhero drama mixed with endless camp. Just like in that cinematic abortion, you cannot mix the two.


As of Episode 17, James retconned all past numeric scores.  He assigned the new Final Word, "rehashed", to this movie.

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The Written Review

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