Everard Maltravers is the main villain in the 1999 film, The Legend of the Titanic. He is voiced by Gregory Snegoff in the English version.


  • Also goes by "Sir Kitten Stepper"
  • Looks like the guy from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
  • Probably the laziest character design in animation history
  • Heavy contender for most absurdly over-the-top evil character in the entire Tiradesverse--at least until Kirsten's mother came along
  • Seriously, every fucking line he has is something sinister or douchey
  • Plans to marry Elizabeth Camden so as to get the rights to all of the worldwide whaling industry
  • When this plan doesn't work, he holds up Elizabeth's father at gunpoint and forces him to sign the rights over, while secretly being in cahoots with a gang of talking mafioso sharks who will trick a gigantic octopus into chucking an iceberg at the ship, so as to kill everyone on board while he, his butler, his mistress(???), and some random fat woman escape on a rowboat into the North Atlantic
  • If I consumed every ounce of LSD on the planet, I could never come up with something that fucking psychotic
  • Presumably freezes to death out in the Atlantic Ocean, along with his entourage
  • Which makes us wonder what the fuck his plan was in the first place--was he going to row hundreds and hundreds of miles in the single-digit temperatures of the North Atlantic?
  • Possibly got reincarnated as Dr. Lyme

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