Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is an independent 1994 slasher film starring Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger. It could be seen as a very loose remake of the 1974 horror classic.

It is infamously known as the TCM movie where Leatherface is a full-blown crossdresser, and literally none of the FOUR victim deaths happen via chainsaw.


A quartet of annoying high school students get killed one by one by a family of inbred morons in the most ass-backwards ways imaginable, while Leatherface turns into Thelma Harper from Mama's Family.

Notable charactersEdit

The EpisodeEdit

This was the "Halloween" episode for 2014.


James - Schumacher 

Damien - Ninnyhammer 


  • Barry's lengthy list of douchebaggery
  • "Prostrate" cancer
  • Heather is the last of the Highlanders
  • Minimally Confused
  • Public access versions of AC/DC songs
  • Someone on a big wheel chasing after someone on a unicycle
  • If W.E. had misattributed all of his quotes to the wrong historical figures
  • Damien tries to use football analogously to the "plot"
  • Damien makes a stunningly accurate statement about the Miami Dolphins
  • "Oingo Boingo is the best part about any death fantasy."


Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Protagonists? - Jenny, Barry, Heather and Sean
  • Goof Troop - See above
  • Guy Banter - Barry, on the biggest, douchiest level imaginable
  • Center of the Universe - Vilmer
  • Nonsensical Title - The events of this movie might have taken place in Texas, but everything else in this title is completely false. There was no massacre, no deaths happen via chainsaw, and "The Next Generation" has no meaning whatsoever in the context of the "plot".
  • Box of kittens - Vilmer
  • Exposition fairy - Darla
  • SYMBOLISM!!! - Debatable, as the very end of the movie shows Marilyn Burns, the main character of the original TCM movie being wheeled through the hospital on a stretcher.  We assume it was supposed to mean something, but we'll be damned if anyone knows what the fuck it was.
  • Nontendre - "What does this look like--green eggs???"
  • Palpatine and Vader - Rothman and Vilmer, respectively; Vilmer is the main villain the entire movie, but in the last ten minutes, they show him to be subserviant to some guy in a suit
  • There Are No Police - A cop walks right up behind Darla as she is standing at her open trunk, talking to Jenny, who is tied up in a garbage bag, and he doesn't demand to see what's in the trunk
  • Finer Cronies and Goons, Inc. - Based on what happens in the last ten minutes, the entire Slaughter family are apparently just toadies working for the "Illuminati"
  • High School High - The budget for this movie was so low, they couldn't even show a prom scene here
  • No one will like your character - W.E. quotes random historical figures to sound intelligent
  • Evil group laughter - More of an "evil group mock scream/laugh"
  • Five-Second Microcosm - Vilmer to Jenny: "You don't know what the hell you're doing."

Ending songEdit

Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady)04:24

Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Before and AfterEdit

Previous episode: Episode 36 - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Next episode: Episode 38 - Glitter

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