Yor, the Hunter from the Future is a 1983 fantasy/sci-fi/adventure film starring Reb Brown.

It indeed does live up to the requisite amount of yelling and exposure of Reb Brown's abs that are typical in his filmography.


A savage wanders around trying to figure out his past while directly or indirectly causing the violent destruction of multiple populations.

Notable CharactersEdit

The EpisodeEdit

This episode has the largest listener feedback section to date.


James - Aqualung

Damien - Protein


  • Damien's fifty or so nicknames for Yor, most of them derived from the Space Mutiny episode of MST3K
  • Damien's analysis of the Yor theme song


Tiradesverse tropesEdit

Ending songEdit

The Offspring - Genocide03:34

The Offspring - Genocide

Before and AfterEdit

Before: Episode 34 - Twilight

After: Episode 36 - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

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