A Talking Cat!?! is a 2013 porno film (with all of the sex scenes removed) directed by softcore porn director, David DeCoteau (under the pseudonym Mary Anderson).

Literally 30% of the movie's 83-minute run time is taken up by establishing shots, credits, and shots of the cat loafing or walking around.

No, that is NOT a joke.


Cheese puffs threaten to cause armageddon.

Notable charactersEdit


  • James has stated that this is his personal favorite episode to date.
  • This has been stated on multiple occasions to be the episode where both hosts agreed they can pretty much make almost anything work for the show


James - Cheetos

Damien - Fluff


  • Deleted sex scenes
  • Chris' fashion sense
  • Frannie is a psychic, apparently
  • Kristine DeBell's...interesting career
  • "Have her penis"...???
  • The news article about Phil retiring (and subsequently--How will my face?)
  • Susan is a repeat customer of Evil Beautycorp
  • The most asinine cause-and-effect sentence ever
  • Eric Roberts says he drinks from the toilet
  • Aquaphobia rant
  • The program that recognizes all clothing in existence
  • It's book-light-compatible!
  • The Hummer angle from WCW
  • The bandage
  • "You can't cannonball when you're already in the pool."


Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Casio Keyboard - Literally every single background tune is a preset
  • Plot convenience
    • The characters all somehow get wherever Duffy intended each of them to despite Duffy not giving them anything remotely resembling specific directions
    • Susan knows where Phil's house is only because he randomly blurted out his address to her a day earlier for no reason whatsoever
    • An investor appeared out of nowhere to invest in Tina's program
  • Random sex scene - We never see a single one of them, but they happen, and in large amounts
  • This fucking scene - The scene where the cheese puffs meet their untimely demise on Susan's kitchen floor
  • Eric Roberts Paycheck - Eric Roberts as Duffy drunkenly slurs every single one of his lines
  • Established establishing - FIFTY-SEVEN OF THEM
  • Unrealistic Real Estate - Phil's gigantic mansion
  • Crimes Against Grammar - "I think she gets this stuff more than she lets on, I think."
  • Seinfeld Plot Hole - Why didn't Duffy just claw a message into a solid surface if he can only audibly talk to the other idiot characters one time each?

Ending songEdit

Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat02:17

Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat

Before and AfterEdit

Previous Episode: Episode 27 - Santa's Slay

Next Episode: Episode 29 - Bloodrayne

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