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Troll 2 is a 1990 horror film.  It is supposedly a sequel to the 1986 film, Troll.

It is generally only known for one infamous scene where a guy is turned into a plant.  But what a scene it is...

Notable CharactersEdit


A family travels to a small country town and has to deal with their son pissing all over their food and deadly goblins running around.

Notice I didn't say "trolls".

The EpisodeEdit


James - Atheism

Damien - Maj

Mike - Shipoopi


  • Mike realizes that this movie has no black people in it
  • Joshua pees on his family
  • The Michael Cole reinactment of the Oh My God scene
  • Damien turns Courtney into a superlative adjective
  • The hosts finally figure out the meaning of "Let's Green Egg and Ham It"
  • Nicolas Cage Wants Cake
  • The hosts decide that dying by way of an exploding tiger would be the single most badass way to ever go out
  • The Carl Malone tangent


Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Protagonist? - Josh
  • Courtneys - Elliot and his goofy sidekicks
  • There Are No Police - To be expected in a town populated by goblins, but it still counts
  • Plot convenience
    • Grandpa Waits seems to just come up with new powers and abilities at will
    • He similarly seems to just come up with arbitrary rules as to when his powers work and when they don't
  • Nonsensical Title - There wasn't a troll to be seen anywhere
  • Random Sex Scene - In which Creedance makes popcorn

Ending SongEdit

Lazy Town- CAKE01:38

Lazy Town- CAKE

Before and AfterEdit

Previous Episode - Episode 13 - The Nutcracker in 3D

Next Episode - Episode 15 - Masters of the Universe

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