DOA: Dead or Alive is a 2006 action cheesecake movie based on a video game series about big breasted women that fight in a tournament.


Non-big-breasted women fight in a tournament.

Notable CharactersEdit

The EpisodeEdit

  • It was the last time the Tirades would be a segment of another podcast.


This was the last episode to use The Show's 0 to 5 rating scale.

James - 0.9 out of 5

Damien - 0.9 out of 5

Mike - 0.2 out of 5

As of Episode 17, James retconned the numeric scores and assigned the movie a Final Word: death.



Tiradesverse TropesEdit

Before and AfterEdit

Previous Episode - Episode 0.1 - Murder-Set-Pieces

Next Episode - Episode 1 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

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