Elrich is a minor protagonist? in the 2005 Uwe Boll film, Bloodrayne. He is played by Billy Zane, whom Boll sued for almost a million dollars after the movie was released.


  • Katarin's father
  • We say he's a protagonist? because we seriously have no clue if we're supposed to root for him or not
  • Is a Courtney
  • Is a vampire, and the movie has to point this out to you by doing an EXTREME CLOSE-UP of his neck where there are still fang marks
  • Wouldn't those have healed since he's immortal...?
  • Tells Domastir, who is demanding a map to the location of the Brimstone Society, to "give [them] their destiny," whatever the fuck that means
  • At this point, we're pretty sure Boll just looked in an RPG Cliche book and picked out random buzzwords to fill in parts of the script where he needed to end sentences
  • Is apparently opposed to Kagan, but somehow manages to do even less than he does in this movie
  • Unless you count sitting at a desk, reading as "doing something"...
  • Despite claiming that he wants there to be balance between humans and vampires, he apparently gives up the map to Brimstone, which allows Domastir and his army to destroy their stronghold
  • After his second scene, is never seen again

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