is a protagonist? in the 1997 Battle Arena Toshinden OVA anime.  She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the English version.


  • Highly annoying
  • Goes from pretty well animated in the first half of the movie to horribly animated in the second
  • Possibly kills one of her fellow circus performers with a dirk--it's hard to tell with the animation being so ridiculous
  • Falls victim to a MacGuffin poisoning while saving her emo kid father
  • Is saved from said poisoning by Eiji and Kayin at the end of the movie
  • I'm still confused as to how this 16-year-old girl was able to fight any of the other Toshin fighters at the previous year's tournament and survive, given that all of them are martial arts masters and/or jacked up on enough steroids to make Jose Canseco blush

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