Lady Elizabeth of Camden is a protagonist? in the 1999 film, The Legend of the Titanic.  She is voiced by Jane Alexander in the English version.


  • Is about as bland and cookie-cutter a character as we'll ever see in the Tiradesverse
  • Is quite literally a moonchild
  • Has absolutely no intention of marrying the guy from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
  • Falls in love with a guy before even saying one sentence to him
  • After her death, she might have gone on to be resurrected as Bella Swan
  • Tells Tentacles it isn't his fault that the boat sank, but rather, that it was because of an evil, greedy human being
  • This, despite the fact that Tentacles is, in fact, the direct cause of the sinking of the ship in this piece of shit movie
  • Is rather nonplussed about dozens of animals talking to her
  • Probably did an oil drum's worth of opium before getting on the ship

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