Ed Malus
Edward Malus is the protagonist? of the 2006 film, The Wicker Man. He is played by Nicolas Cage.


  • We're pretty sure that every single scene he was in was filmed in one take each
  • Travels to an island to conduct a private investigation without telling anyone and while having no authority to do so
  • Spends literally the entire movie meandering around aimlessly, trying to figure out where his daughter is
  • Steals a bicycle at gunpoint from a woman wearing a bird mask
  • Cancer Punches a woman in the face while wearing a bear costume
  • Finds a burned doll in his daughter's unmarked grave instead of a body or bones
  • Instead of wondering why it's there, he questions how it got burned
  • Gets the Bee's Knees treatment
  • Burned alive inside a giant pile of wood by his 5-year-old, psychopath daughter

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