Earth-2 The Show is the flagship podcast of  It is the podcast where the first audio Tranquil Tirades segment, the Murder-Set-Pieces review (retroactively referred to as Episode 0.1), was heard on Episode #407. The full Tranquil Tirades podcast spun off of E2TS after a second audio segment on Episode #421.

Besides in the aforementioned audio Tirades segments, both James and Damien have made frequent guest appearances on The Show over the last decade, covering various topics in the "geek culture" realm (most of the time with host and owner/operator, Michael David Sims.)

Subjects the hosts have covered on E2TS with Michael SimsEdit

  • Saw VI
  • Saw 3D
  • Wonder Woman (the awesome DCU animated movie)
  • Avengers VS. X-Men (James and Mike)
  • Not counting the 1940s serials and Catwoman (technically a Batman film), all 8 live action Batman films (James and Mike with Ian Wilson)
  • The iconic Superman: The Movie (James and Mike with Ian Wilson)

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