Dylan Gould
is the hidden tertiary antagonist in the 2011 Michael Bay film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He is played by Patrick Dempsey.


  • Given the amount of time he's on screen, is actually the main villain of the movie
  • And what a kitten stepper he is
  • Has been, along with his father, in cahoots with the Decepticons for decades, but never came to their aid in the previous two movies
  • Is allowed to live by the Decepticons despite them explicitly stating that they needed to "tie up [their] loose ends"
  • Has a collection of overcompensation
  • Somehow gets bullet holes in his suit when Bumblebee fires upon his loft, but he isn't actually shot
  • Reactivates the main space bridge pillar by...slapping it
  • Is...electrocuted to death?

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