The Duke of Camden is a protagonist? in the 1999 film, The Legend of the Titanic.  He is voiced by someone who was gargling marbles during production.


  • Every word he utters this entire movie sounds like someone purposely trying to do a bad English accent while chewing on a dish sponge
  • Owns the rights to most, if not all, of the worldwide whaling channels and ships
  • How a British nobleman in the early 20th century would have such autonomous control over an entire worldwide industry is anyone's guess...
  • Wants what is best for his daughter, which to him apparently means forcing her to marry someone she vocally despises
  • It's cool, though, because when she argues with him a second time midway through the movie, he just forgets about the arranged marriage and says she's free to marry a gypsy guy he's never even met
  • Gets held at gunpoint by Jeffreys
  • Probably friends with Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly

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