The Dragonballs are a set of seven MacGuffins in the 2009 film, Dragonball Evolution.


  • A set of seven mystical orbs that when collected together, summon a giant spiritual dragon that will grant the person any one wish they desire
  • No, not that Dragon Spirit...
  • The first 45 minutes of the movie are dedicated to the search for them, but this whole arc of the movie is then abruptly abandoned for another mission entirely
  • Piccolo wants to use them to rule or destroy the world--he says both in the movie, so no one is really sure what he actually wants
  • Given the fact that he can vaporize huge chunks of land and water with only his mind, it's not really known why he even needs the Dragonballs
  • Are used by Goku to revive Muten Roshi, even though Goku's grandfather was killed a few days earlier by Piccolo and raised the annoying little fucker for 18 years

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