The Decepticons
are the primary antagonists of the Transformers film tetralogy, although only in a "because-the-script-says-so" kind of way.

Notable Decepticons (in order of importance to the tetralogy)Edit


  • Hail from Cybertron
  • Despite being murderous robots who want to conquer the world, they are actually responsible for far less catastrophe and death than the Autobots are
  • Are able to hack the most secure (in theory) computers in the entire world in mere seconds
  • Despite this, they somehow can't hack Paypal and buy some fucking eyeglasses off eBay for $20, which would win the war for their side before it even starts
  • Worse, if The Fallen had just sent one of his minions to go retrieve the Matrix of Leadership, then they would have conquered the Earth over 2,000 years ago
  • Have so many leaders, it's impossible to tell who is actually supposed to be the top dog in their ridiculous hierarchy
  • Their toughest members are not Megatron, The Fallen or even Starscream, but rather, Laserbeak and Frenzy
  • It is still a mystery as to why there were even still Decepticons left to be shown in the second and third movies when you consider that if they were on Earth, then they all should have come to aid of Megatron in the first movie, and at the very worst, The Fallen in the second movie

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