Daniel Fleming is a character in the 2007 film, I Know Who Killed Me.  He is played by Neal McDonough.


  • Husband of Susan Fleming and fake father to Aubrey Fleming
  • You see, he made a deal with a crack addict at the hospital where his real daughter was born (and died shortly after) where he would take one of the addict's newborn twin daughters and pretend that the one he took was his real daughter so Susan's heart wouldn't be broken; meanwhile, he would continually send her hush money every week to keep her away
  • The hush money was like $11
  • Somehow this absurd scheme worked
  • So, not only did not a single fucking person who worked at the hospital tell Susan that her newborn daughter died in the incubator, but no one seemed to notice that the couple whose newborn died in their hospital left the place with a child anyway
  • Killed by Bluefinger off screen...somehow
  • We assume "Daniel Fleming" is just an alias he uses as Bison while leading a double-life

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