Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod
is the titular character and protagonist? of the 1991 film, Highlander II. He is played by Christopher Lambert.


  • Is an immortal warrior who somehow hails from two different places--Scotland and the Planet Zeist
  • Gains his immortality back by killing a Courtney and an Amber who were hired from Finer Cronies and Goons, Inc.
  • Outright says he doesn't want to return to Zeist, but everyone else seems to ignore this fact
  • Changes his mind and apparently decides to return to Zeist after killing General Katana
  • By the numbers the films give, he's (biologically) pushing sixty at the start of Highlander II. Yet he and everyone else (including the make-up artist) act as if he's literally about to drop dead any second. He must've spent the entire time between this film and the first one smoking or something.

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