Claudia Wolf
 is the main villain in the 2012 film, Silent Hill Revelation: 3D. She is played by Carrie-Anne Moss, who is collecting a Ben Kingsley Paycheck.


  • A complete bastardization of one of the most tragic villains in all of gaming
  • Leader of a cult that had all of its members destroyed in the previous film
  • Is on a mission to merge Heather and Alessa together, even though they've already done so
  • Can turn into a crazy blade monster for some reason, which makes her want to kill Heather, which is the complete opposite of her plans
  • Despite saying that she can't leave Silent Hill, is somehow able to appear in the mall as the blade monster and attack Heather
  • This raises the question of why even send her son to do anything when she can apparently just show up wherever she wants
  • Punishes Vincent for doing exactly what was asked of him
  • Locks up her father, but doesn't take his half of the Seal of Metatron for some reason
  • Looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost and Vigo
  • Is in a grand total of two scenes in the movie

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