Chi-Chi is a protagonist? in the 2009 film, Dragonball Evolution. She is played by Jamie Chung.


  • Serves absolutely no purpose in this movie other than to give Goku a boner that fuels his ki blasts every time they're together on screen
  • No, seriously, anytime she is near him, his ki blasts become insanely powerful
  • Says: "You're different.......... I like different." to Goku
  • Yes, it was said with exactly as much emotion and acting ability as you'd expect
  • It's also bullshit, because she dates Carey Fuller, the popular jock bully
  • Knows about ki, which begs the question as to how martial arts aren't the most popular sport in this planet
  • Is in a fighting tournament because the script says so
  • This tournament, by the way, is given roughly 23 seconds of time on screen and is literally only there to show Mai scratching her to steal her blood
  • Her breasts seem to become larger and more prominently showcased every subsequent scene in which she appears
  • We're totally okay with that, by the way
  • Gets into a Mirror Match with Mai, who has shapeshifted into her thanks to one drop of her blood
  • Gets kicked in the face by Goku--who, by the way, has superhuman strength--during this fight, but the next (re: last) time we see her, she doesn't have so much as a black eye
  • Hired by way of the Asian Actress Rolodex
  • Is not the celebration of food