Cary Ford
is the main protagonist? in the 2004 film, Torque.  He is played by Martin Henderson.


  • Is a complete douche
  • Abandoned his girlfriend to be one with the people in the streets of Bangkok
  • Treats Shane like shit, but she doesn't seem to care after their first scene together
  • Is indestructible, apparently, since he flies off of a sport bike going in excess of 200 mph and falls to the pavement, with no helmet on, perfectly fine
  • Also has an invincible face, since glass shards just bounce right off of it
  • Wears the same goddamned Ramones shirt the ENTIRE MOVIE
  • Probably smells like a Portuguese cathouse inside a landfill
  • We assume he rides bikes and drinks beer for a living
  • Is apparently the enemy of virtually every other biker in California

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