Carlisle Cullen is a protagonist? in the 2008 film, Twilight, as well as its four sequels.  He is played by Peter Facinelli.


  • It could be argued that he mattered to the first movie's "plot", but it is debatable
  • Examines the dead victims of the rogue vampires
  • Somehow has convinced the town of Forks, Washington that an animal has killed them and not vampires
  • Since there are fang marks in the victims, he would have to be claiming it was a snake
  • Therefore, how the hell he kept this bullshit under wraps when there is only one poisonous snake indigenous to Washington state (and there would be none of its venom in these victims because they were murdered by vampires and not a goddamned snake) is beyond me
  • Has formed a family of vampires by siring all of them at various points over the last few centuries
  • Only one or two of them mean a flying fuck to the plot, either
  • Claims near the end of the first movie that Bella Swan is part of their family now, even though she and Edward have only been dating for a week, tops
  • Claims in the second film that vampires are damned, without that much proof
  • Stitches up Bella after she was attacked by Jasper
  • Doesn't really do much after that, really
  • Info dumps about vampire newborns in the third one
  • Resets half of Jacob's bones
  • How the fuck he could do that and still let Jacob live, who the fuck knows

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