Captain Planet and the Planeteers is a cartoon show/propaganda machine created by Turner Broadcasting that ran from 1990-1996.  It is James' most hated cartoon of all time.

It is typically referenced anytime there is an analogue needed for melodramatically cheesy and/or nauseatingly environmentally conscious characters, as well as ridiculously over-the-top, evil, rich villains in Tiradesverse films.


  • How it lasted seven seasons is one of the greatest mysteries of television of the last 30 years
  • This show's villains just like to make huge fuck-off messes, in lieu of getting money or power or anything else worth a damn.  To what end?  What, exactly, does polluting everything do for them???
  • Captain Planet's greatest power is the power of endless, insufferable puns
  • When they weren't cramming starchild ultra-environmentalist bullshit down our throats, they actually tried to do PSA episodes about AIDS, DRUGS, GANG WARFARE, AND RELIGIOUS WARFARE
  • No, seriously, one episode was actually titled, "If It's Doomsday, It Must Be Belfast"
  • Not surprisingly, they treated these issues as cartoonishly as humanly possible and totally undermined anything they might have been trying to accomplish
  • They also did a couple about population control that had PSAs at the end telling small children to try not to get pregnant a lot
  • One episode also had Captain Planet go back in time to fight Hitler
  • This show is where the Power of Heart originated

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