Bumblebee is a protagonist? in the 2007 Michael Bay film, Transformers, and its sequels, Revenge of the FallenDark of the Moon, and Age of Extinction.


  • Gets the most screen time of all the Autobots
  • He was previously voiced by Mark Ryan who voiced Jetfire and Lockdown in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  • Has no problem with two people fucking on top of him
  • Somehow gains his voice back after losing his legs in an explosion
  • Isn't a VW Beetle, which makes zero sense
  • But it's okay, because he finds a GM vehicle to transform into conveniently
  • Randomly doesn't have his voice again in the second movie
  • Allows a Decepticon disguised as a human to get into his car seat despite knowing she was a robot
  • Is somehow captured, in the span of one minute of movie time; and instead of fighting, just resigns himself to the fact that he is about to be executed
  • Destroys Sentinel Prime's main pillar by...tackling it
  • Never gains his voice back despite robots being revived all over the place all throughout the trilogy
  • Still doesn't have his voice back in the fourth movie despite it being established that copying new vehicles automatically heals a Cybertronian's wounds
  • He will be reprising his role once again in Transformers: The Last Knight and he will be given a leadership role.
  • He will also get his own solo film in 2018
  • His voice still won't work, most likely

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