Bulma Briefs is a protagonist? in the 2009 film, Dragonball Evolution. She is played by Emmy Rossum.


  • Her entire purpose in the movie is to repeatedly say, "Hey! There's a Dragonball nearby!" anytime a scene needs to end
  • Talks like someone giving directions on a video conference call
  • Loud whispers every line she has in scenes that aren't action-oriented
  • Has one strand of blue hair
  • Fires her guns numerous times and never hits a single target
  • Got a Ph.D in applied dynamics (whatever the fuck that is), as well as minor in advanced weaponry
  • Where there is a university that allows you to get a degree in death implements, who the fuck knows?
  • Falls in love with Yamcha despite only knowing him for...a week, tops
  • Is not upset at all that the objects she has been searching for all this time are just thrown all over the globe at the end of the movie

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