Blake Thorne is the main protagonist? and titular character of the 1996 film, Santa with Muscles. He is played by Hulk Hogan.


  • Said to be the richest man in a 10-state area, which, because he lives in California, basically means he is the richest man in the entire left half of the country
  • Built this gargantuan fortune on PROTEIN POWDERS
  • One of the most epic Guy Banters in the Tiradesverse
  • Hits his head on a Rubbermaid trash can and gets amnesia
  • Is convinced he is Santa Claus by Bob from That 70's Show
  • Can stop a speeding ice cream truck with nothing but his bodily strength
  • Because, you know, he eats his vitamins and says his prayers, brother
  • Has a swordfight that is even worse than the ones in House of the Dead and Bloodrayne, as he and Ed Begley, Jr. fight each other with electrified, combustible quartz crystals in a Fraggle Rock ripoff

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