Billie Frank is the main protagonist? of the 2001 film, Glitter.  She is played by Mariah Carey.


  • Is the cliched "talented kid who has a rough childhood and grows up to become famous while dating a bad boy"
  • Seriously, there's nothing more to her character
  • Based on the events of this her life, Damien came up with a large list of plot lines that should have happened to her, but didn't
  • Dragged around to dive bars by her mother when she was like 12 years old, just so she could finish singing songs her mother was too strung out to complete
  • It should be noted her younger self looks like she was either a member of Raven's Flock or a Nirvana cover band
  • Is taken to an orphanage and doesn't have any time to be the outcast of the group, because she instantly makes two BFF's--one of whom grows up to become Da Brat
  • Sings music in 1983 that doesn't become popular until the mid-90's
  • Barely ever emotes anything, and instead relies on halfhearted facial expressions and shifts in lieu of acting
  • Gives a heartfelt mini-speech before her mega-show at Madison Square Garden, just minutes after finding out her boyfriend was SHOT TO DEATH
  • In this two-sentence speech, she gives advice that is supposed to call back to her relationship with Dice, but what she says doesn't in any way mirror anything that happened between them
  • So, after an hour and forty minutes of movie run time, we find out three things about her character (she has shitty parents, she can sing, and she grew up in an orphanage) and literally NOTHING ELSE

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