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The Battle Arena Toshinden OVA is a 1997 anime adaptation of the mid-90's 3-D fighting game series of the same name. It was the subject of one of James' early written Tirades.


It's basically Ryu and Ken, with swords, travelling around trying to take down a clandestine organization. Lots of moves are yelled out loud.


The Problems (spoilers below)Edit

  • As with so many video game adaptations, it tried to cram character after character after character into the thing until it was watered down from too many. They actually introduce multiple new characters into this thing ten minutes before it ends.
  • The maneuver that ultimately turns the final fight in the heroes' favor? The main hero, Eiji, leaps like twenty feet into the air and performs ANOTHER FIGHTER'S MOVE on the super android, Chaos. Who needs formal training? If you have a weapon and can walk, you can perform anyone's martial arts technique!
  • The animation changes from "good" in the first part to "utter shite" in the second.
  • The lip-synching is abysmal and the voice acting is somehow worse.


25/100: A festival of anime cliches if ever there was one.

Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Courtneys - All of the lesser-shown Toshinden combatants (Rungo, Mondo, Duke, etc.)
  • Clusterfuck Syndrome - Trying to throw literally all but one character from B.A.T. 2 into the movie. The vast majority of the characters shown get less than one minute of screen time and maybe two lines each.
  • Plot convenience
    • Eiji just automatically knows how to perform another person's martial arts technique despite having zero training in that art.
    • Sofia appears at the hospital in the unnamed city out of nowhere to assist the heroes in finding the hideout of "The Organization".
  • Finer Cronies and Goons, Inc. - The random "man-machines" that attack the heroes
  • New Santroitcagobergville - The city where Ellis is taken to the hospital
  • No One Will Like Your Character - Eiji wields a sword and rides a motorcycle
  • MacGuffin Disease - The darts that Ellis takes in her back while protecting her father are highly poisonous and put her into a coma

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The Written Review

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