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Batman Forever is a 1995 comic book film--the third of the 80's-90's live-action Batman tetralogy, and the first directed by Joel Schumacher and written by Akiva Goldsman.  It was reviewed by James, Michael David Sims, and Ian Wilson on Episode 325 of The Show.

As Batman films go, it is far from the worst, but there are major league characterization gaffes on the villains' part.


Batman has to deal with Joker II and Jim Carrey playing himself in a green leotard while Dick Grayson continually pesters Batman into letting him patrol the streets of Gotham in tights and a mask, too.

Notable charactersEdit

Why does it suck?Edit

  • Two-Face was reduced to a half-assed Joker clone and showed absolutely no sense of the inner struggle that makes him such a compelling character
  • Jim Carrey brought nothing new to the character of the Riddler and was just playing Ace Ventura and The Mask in a Riddler outfit.  What makes this worse is that he is a brilliant actor who could have done something awesome with the character, but didn't.
  • Chase Meridian's entire character can be summed up with four words: "Please fuck me, Batman!!!"
  • Two-Face and Riddler stole enough cash and jewels in a couple weeks that Nygma was able to market his invention, get it out to the public, and create a massive corporation that outsells Waynetech.  This would take YEARS to achieve.


  • Why would you need to boil acid?
  • "Have the good courtesy to DIE!"
  • Shouldn't Bruce have a better activation word for his chair transport than just "chair"??
  • Commissioner Gordon declares Fred Stickley's death a suicide not after seeing apparent footage of him running full steam out of a window, but after reading a really crappy suicide note
  • "Clit Sense tingling"
  • Upon seeing the gigantic green question mark in the sky, some moron cop asks, "Who the hell's doing that???"  I KNOW.  Clearly, it's the Mad Hatter.
  • Batman gives Gordon the ol' thumbs-up
  • Ian kind of owns Mike when the three were discussing Nicole Kidman's stunt double


James: 2/5

Mike: 3/5

Ian: 3/5

James was definitely more upset by this film than either Ian or Mike, but Ian and Mike had understandable reasons for their higher grades.

Tiradesverse tropesEdit

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