Batman and robin batgirl
is a protagonist? in the 1997 film, Batman and Robin. She is played by Alicia Silverstone.


  • Thrown into the movie for no reason except to have a female hero to fight Poison Ivy
  • Her parents died in a horrific car crash, so she took up street racing, which is totally logical
  • Is really good at riding a motorcycle, so this means she knows martial arts, too
  • Goes to a fictional British university, and apparently has nothing but British relatives, but has zero British accent
  • In hindsight, however, we're perfectly fine with Silverstone not attempting a British accent...
  • Destroys a motorcycle she doesn't own, but then has the gall to berate Robin for Bruce Wayne and him employing her uncle as a butler
  • Is a total bitch
  • Not a redhead, which is another crime against the character
  • Can always go into the computer business if crime-fighting doesn't work out

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