The Allspark is a plot device in the 2007 film, Transformers. Shards of it also make sporadic appearances in its sequel.


  • Powered by Nic Cage's Career
  • Somehow got launched into space from Cybertron because that planet is a shithole
  • How it left the planet is never explained
  • It was either moved to a secret underground bunker underneath the Hoover Dam, or it landed in that area and the Hoover Dam was built around it
  • Again, never explained
  • Is like ten stories tall and wide
  • Has the ability to create Decepticons and nothing else
  • Bumblebee shrinks it to a transportable size somehow
  • Shockingly, it is never explained how he can do this
  • Optimus Prime repeatedly tells Sam Witwicky to put the damn thing into his chest in order to sacrifice himself and ensure Megatron doesn't get it
  • This, despite the fact that it ends up destroying Megatron in the simplest way possible
  • How Sam was able to activate it (or even pick it up in the first fucking place) in order to blast Megatron with it is never explained
  • The remnants show up in the second movie--one of which somehow stayed in Sam's jacket for at least 18 months, and another being housed by the Armed Forces in some other random bunker
  • Seriously, how the fuck did that shard not burn through his jacket???
  • The shard stolen from the Armed Forces brings Megatron back to life
  • Sam could have used the shard he had to bring Optimus back to life after Megatron kills him, but for reasons still unknown, he didn't
  • He instead brings Jetfire back to life with it
  • Honestly, given how many times it changes functions and size to fit the needs of the plots, this might be the most convenient-for-the-plot plot device in movie history

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