Alice Cullen is a minor character in the 2008 film, Twilight, as well as its four sequels--New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. She is played by Ashley Greene.


  • Has the mutant power to see the future of someone based on their decision-making
  • This is normally called "observation", Stephenie
  • 10,000x hotter than Kristen Stewart
  • Which is even more insulting because Greene auditioned for the role of Bella Swan
  • Does nothing in the first movie
  • Hovers by the door in the dark, waiting for Bella for hours despite thinking she's dead
  • Apparently can't have visions involving werewolves
  • Steals an Italian sports car
  • Sees Bella becoming a vampire despite 20 minutes earlier seeing that she was jumping off a cliff
  • Is literally only in the third movie to move the "plot" along with her plot convenience powers

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